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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Considering the size of my bag, i have alot of stuff in it, (the size of the kind travis barker uses or has or w/e, although i dont use his).

*Each number is the number of sticks, not pairs*

4 Pro Mark 747 Rock Sticks
2 SD1
1 AJ6
2 Joey Jordison sigs. (got free for b-day pres.)
2 Dave Weckl sigs. (Brown not oj).
2 Steve Gadd sigs.
2 SD4
2 Aquarian 2B light sticks
2 Vic Firth General Timpani Mallets
3 Bell/Xylophone reverse mallets (one side is hard plastic, other side is yellow rubber)
2 Neil Peart sigs.
2 Las Vegas sticks (this cool repair man guy that fixed stuff at my house played the drums and sent them to me from vegas. What a guy!)
1 broken Pro Mark 747 Rock stick (i have broken tip also)
1 broken AJ6 (i have broken tip also).
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