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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by billy ward View Post
Thanks Parser -

The next one i very unike Big Time. It is a more outward approach to some fundamental jazz concepts - including relevant rudiments and examples. it's a broad approach aimed to get drummers who don't "get" jazz" into jazz - or jazzy-ness. I hope it helps alot of folks out! We are hoping to have it available in March so stay tuned...
Fantastic! I also read your article in Modern Drummer and thought that is was great. I have had the same talk with many band members and drummers alike, as I flat out told a drummer that he had to be ahead of the game if he was ever going to get anywhere! When the record deal did come, he was the odd man out and almost cost his band the record deal with his bad attitude. Jeff Porcarro used to replace bands' drummers all of the time.

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