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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

I love this question. I've got:

1 pair Vater Manhattan 7A nylon tips (the standard)
2 pair Vic Firth American Hickory 5A wood tip (for rock stuff)
1 pair Vater Fatback 3A wood tip (for metal, but they've been slowing me down as I've been playing with smaller sticks lately)
1 pair Pro-Mark Elvin Jones (my favorites)
1 pair Zildjian Roy Haynes
1 pair Regal Tip Jazz model nylon tips
1 pair Zildjian Travis Barker stick/mallet reversibles (I have no idea why I paid money for/still carry these
1 pair Vic Firth Heritage model brushes (definitely my favorite brushes)
1 pair Vic Firth Jazz model brushes (so stiff)
1 pair Pro Mark plastic handel retractable nylon bristle brushes (sound is huge)
1 pair CB 700 Yarn Mallets
3 drum keys (in addition to the one on my key chain)
1 Boss metronome
a bunch of spare felts, cymbal sleeves, washers, etc...
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