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Originally Posted by finnhiggins View Post
If you want to go one better, there's always "Punky's Whips" which is a much more involved song about Terry's obsession with a glam rock guitarist. Contains the cracker of a line "His hair is so pretty / I want to bite his neck / I've heard a rumour / He's more fluid than Jeff Beck".

The arrangement is better too, T&B is more of a comedy sketch.
That song is HILARIOUS. Great musical theater, and not only does Bozzio play some complex parts in the song, he also sings while he plays, and gets into his character also. Good stuff.

Someone compared Tommy Lee to Bozzio here. I understand the reasoning behind it (I think Lee is a great rock drummer, despite his loathsome personality), but Bozzio can lay it down (no pun intended) with any rock drummer out there. Not all of his Zappa stuff was complex, and the Beck stuff was pure throb. I don't think Lee has the intellect to handle Zappa type stuff.

I saw Bozzio on the first Jeff Beck tour, and he moved like a boxer behind his kit, and was solid.
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