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50 posts or 500 posts, you really can't make that the difference. someone could have 500 hundred posts of " Great drums Dude!.....what's the specs on the cymbals?"
and someone could have 50 posts of important,knowledgable,useful imformation.

If it is going to be forum members rating these kits, it should just be a section on the home page for "rate your gear here" and when it opens it should have section for different companies such as in alfabetical order Grestch, Ludwig,Mapex,Pearl,Tama, Yamaha.
And then sectioned would be entry level, mid level,proline. Maybe include a price range.

I don't know but there would have to be a lot of stuff to cover it would be a hard system to come up with to not leave anything out. And be sides there is such a wealth of info in the drum gear section......63,000 posts. Thats everybodies input on every different piece of equipment. I think thats the fun of this site. What would we talk about if not drum gear?

What you really need to do is teach noobies how to use the search button. If anbody has a Question about ANYTHING, it's already on this site somewhere.
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