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Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
To be honest, i wasnt overjoyed with the new album. In regards to drums and guitars, it was gnarly, great ideas all the way through. But as far as vocal arrangements were concerned it was very similar, i think along with the vocal 'rhythm' on some tracks, very samey or maybe it's just me.
TopCat - did you happen to see the DVD that came with the special edition CD? It is very cool to watch and it may hold the answer to why the vocals sound the way they do. Machine(the producer) had a huge influence on the vocals on this album. It actually kinda makes you appreciate what he made Randy do for the album. I like Sacrament a lot but Ashes is the sh*t!!!! Sacrament seemed a little too produced for me but I still love it! If you are a fan I know you would love the DVD. Have a great holiday!!!!!
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