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Default Re: Tama Superstar in Copper mist metallic : )

Originally Posted by drozzy View Post
Matt - i think that is pretty self explanatory, you could either go and buy a 'decent' (which is up to much debate here on DW) set of ZBT's and ZXT's, where you get a large range of sounds and quite a few cymbals... Or spend the same amount and get a pair of hihats from a higher range.

For their price, the ZBT's do the job for the general intermediate drummer.
yeah, i'm starting to mount up some more cash now (the kit out me 600 out of pocket lol) and i'm looking to get some new cymbals and heads. like i've stated, i play metal, 90% of the time. since i started out on an electric, i don't really have a clear idea of what heads/cymbals do what for what genre if you follow.

and also, i've now got the kit in a new set-up, i'll put up some pics soon :)

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