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Default Re: Please hear me out..."other" drummers

OK, if you're talking about those drummers not being featured on the actual drummer page of DW, well I'm not going to go into. You probably know about the wishlist and the process.

If you're talking about those bands not being mentioned often on the forum, you have to remember those bands don't quite fit into the most popular music categories. It's all relevant. If say 5% of the population listen to that music, then chances are 5% of the members here do too. Those bands (apart from some mentioned at the bottom all seem pretty hardcore, so to say. I for one never want to hear the music of Cannibal Corpse ever again after my one experience of it, but that's just me. On the other hand, the John Butler Trio are great, I saw them at the Palais a few years back, and I can't get enough of The Mars Volta.