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Default Re: Virgil Donati is the Buddy Rich of our time ("IMO"...I suppose)

Originally Posted by Aidan
Everyone is entitled to their opinion BUT!! at least make comments that are backed up woth SOME truth and logic. The narrowminded thinking at times is baffling to me. First off Virg is like Malmsteen, really? how many different Cats from different genre's of music has and is Malmsteen playing with? Maybe that is why Virg is knocking them dead down at the Potato playing with the likes of Mitch Forman, Philpot, Gary Meeks, Wiengart, Brunel,
MaCalpine, Dean Taba, the list goes on and on. The guy plays with the cream of the crop in the Jazz-fusion world on a regular basis in half a dozen different setting's. He then can go on tour and Rock the House with the likes of Neal Schon and Marco Mendoza then he can go and record with Allan Holdsworth on one album Bunny Brunel on another and with member's of Toto on yet another and can lay down a few tracks for a movie soundtrack in his spare time and why not throw in a clinic in front of 500 people.

Yeah that sound's like Malmsteen to Me, good grief the lack of knowledge some people have. And then he can make guy's like Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl cream their pants during a clinic, how do I know I have been there and seen it. It is quite funny because guy's like Vinnie and Weckl and Simon Phillip's and Dennis Chamber's, Steve Smith were RAVING!! about this guy and praising him openly back in the early nineties when he was still in Australia recording HIT! pop, rock and R&B records. Yeah that is right that is what he did years ago. The guy was part of some of the biggest touring acts and records in Aussie land, been there and done it.

Some people see him in his Ultra-Extreme solo mode and they make quick snap judgements without knowing the truth at all concerning an artists true musical history. Keep the opinion's to the distinct example and stay away form vague uninformed generalizations. Like I said you can like or not like the extreme drumming or a certain genre of music or a style of playing but to say that is what he or another is limited to or THAT! expression of drumming is not musical or relevant when it is to MANY is simply subjective boloney. One man's cup of tea is another man's poison. We can talk about good and bad technique all day long but what is musical is to the ear and eye of the Beholder. Guess what, some guy's like Virg play what they play because it is what they WANT! to do, yes that is right it is a conscious choice, he is not forced to do it. The Man is driven to do what has not been done, like it or not it is HIS choice. I do not think he is losing sleep becasue he has not played with Sting and done the follow up to Ten Summoner's Tales, as if that makes him relevant in the music world. Like I said I think the deep respect and admiration from his peers matter's more.

And yeah I am sure Virg will just fade away real quick, since he has had the respect and admiration of the greatest musicians in the world for almost twenty years and has been in about every type of musical situation for over twenty years and his popularity just keep's on growing. Yeah sounds like he is near being irrelevant anytime soon. He is not just at the forefront of breaking down drumming's barriers technically and creatively he has been THERE! where many would love to be and has done it already in about every musical context possible.
Amen to that as well. Some people should just get over it already... musicality is subjective. I find it musical and I understand, while some people can't. Simple as that. I've learned to accept it. All I wanna do, is enjoy what other drummers have to offer instead of bringing them down with my half-assed 'opinions'.
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