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Originally Posted by pcmckay View Post
I agree. I think today drummers put to much emphasis on equipment, shoes, lighting etc.
Unfortunately, many drummers get too caught up in this side of the equation and spend more time looking/drooling at the equipment rather than practicing/playing...

nutha, i saw about 1/2 second of bonham's shoes in that video (in the beginning). hard to tell that they were cowboy boots....they did look black...that is an awesome video....where do people get these things? it looks like he only had 1 floor tom. was that just for that gig or did he always use 1 floor tom back in 69'?

thanks, now you have me on a youtube binge!!!! there's some good footage of moby dick on there (3 parts)'ve probably already seen it. take a look at the "Tags" from the person that posted the vids! lol..any idea where/when this is from?
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