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Default Re: Review Educational Video: Wreckl's "Back to the Basics"

althought the video was not intended as a baics video. there is still tons of information to be gleaned from this instructional. i used to have this video, but i loaned my copy to nate smith and i never saw it again :(

anyway, the whole point of the video was dave trying to show you the house that he built out of the basic information that he presented. he focused some degree on technique and control of rebound, as well as some basic rudiments that he worked on hard in order to build his vocabulary. his cymbal setup was shown from a profile because his main point about how he setup his equipment in general was that everything should be pointing towards your waist. this is not a point that would be illustrated well w/ an overhead shot. he plays heel up, i play heel down. there is no reason why anyone should have to present both on their instructional. its the dave weckl show, and dave weckl plays heel up. as i remember he presented some decent applications of brush technique too.

again, don't let the title fool you. this was not meant to be a beginner's video and i don't recall that it was ever presented that way. he just boiled down his approach to the most fundamental elements within his playing (@ that time) so that he could present very basic ideas to the viewer and then show the viewer how, after considerable practice, they could build a deeper vocabulary based off that information.
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