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Default Re: Review Educational Video: Wreckl's "Back to the Basics"

I would agree ge does'nt go into avaliable techniques, he is teaching the way he played at that point, and from the results he was getting I dont think it'ts a bad thing. As wekl prooves himself, heel down is not the important technique to master when feet are concerned, especially in modern playing. As for not teaching matched grip, well he does because he goes through that with his left, and since it is matched then it does'nt take a genius to figure that out.

He does also go into independence and how obatain it, this I think is quite important, he recomends a couple of great books which is the only way to learn it really. It's a long challening process, like he him selfs outlines.

The title it of the DVD outlines who it is made for. Back to Basics suggests to me a drummer who needs to go back to basics becuase they have never covered that material before. There are plenty of other dvd's out there titled "drums for begginers" and what not, I dont see why you think it was inteded for beginners.
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