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Getting Started on Drums, Featuring Tommy Igoe.
Wow, I heard good things about this DVD, but it was much more than I expected. Tommy Igoe is an excellent teacher and puts all his lessons into perspective in each demonstration. I would recommend this video for beginners and intermediate players. For beginners this DVD is a perfect start, and he does not fail to miss any part of the learning process. Being an intermediate player myself, I gained a few ideas and tips for setting up kits and playing. The pace of this video is very smooth and easy to follow. Each lesson is very detailed and is explained very thoroughly. Beginners should buy this at any cost, Intermediate players should own this if they get the chance to, and experts need not apply.
Beginner to Intermediate players (and/or people who haven't owned an acoustic drumset).
Hudson Music
Tommy Igoe shows his teaching brilliance by introducing the drum set piece by piece. This two hour video is divided into two sections, setting up and playing. The first part goes in-depth of how to set up each part (Assuming the kit came in pieces) and how to tune them and create your setup. He doesn't go too in depth with specific tuning but stresses that drums are mostly preference when it comes to sound. Not only that, he gives slight history stories of drummers. The second part of the video goes into a few basic grooves and fills. He explains the controversal heel up or down topic and a few basic exercises (he doesn't go over rudiments except single strokes). There are three additional jam songs in which his students demonstrate the fills and grooves in the video, but unfortunately include the drum part (if you're looking for a song to jam to with yourself). I found it helpful as I stole some drum fills from some of the players. The ending was completely satisfying as he encouraged the viewer to keep listening to more music and try everything with drums (ex- school band). He ends the DVD with an awesome exhibition of his skills in an upbeat jazz song. This is highly recommended for a starting video for anyone wishing to start drums.
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