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Originally Posted by theduke86
You know, he doesn't get a lot of credit among drummers. He does among the general populace for sure, but I don't think people recognise what he is because of other factors like jealousy for example. I think he's a good drummer. I don't like Blink 182, or Boxcar Racer, and he's not my favorite drummer. Giving credit where credit is due, the guy's got some chops together and he feels very good in that context. I wonder how he plays jazz and latin stuff.
In conclusion... the guy's a good drummer!! People are too rough.
Totally with theduke. He does have some good chops together and he can play better than alot of people. And of course the energy and style he has is perfect for the music he plays, so thats another reason he gets the gigs. In no way is he my favorite drummer and the music is in no way my favorite either, but he still is a good drummer (better than most in the genre that I've heard, so that's a plus). I'm also wondering how he'd sound in jazz or latin contexts, because I have heard that he enjoys playing that stuff as well...
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