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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Liquid_Drummer View Post
Buddy Rich is to drumming what Yoda was to the Jedi.

There is no better drummer alive. Musicality, chops, speed, creativity etc.. There is a reason that today's greatest drummers all have the same reaction to watching Buddy rich play.. They shake their heads in disbelief at his abilities.

i know this is a BR thread and all, but i kinda' have to disagree on buddy's musicality being a benchmark for drummers to follow. his technical ability, especially since he was self taught, for sure. but his musicality i don't think was on par w/ tony williams. why? because buddy was a big band drummer, period. that was what he was good at. he approached everything he played as a big band drummer. nothing wrong with that, except that he did not want to move forward or away from that. tony, on the other hand, set a standard for jazz and set the standard for fusion. he was also open to playing music that was little more "outside". i think that this makes tony's musicality a better gauge to compare yourself to or to try to obtain.

having said that, i love buddy. great big band drummer, there are no big band drummers out there that could drive a band better. his 60's material was fantastic, his later material not quite as good (musically, arrangements and all). again, not meant to be a bust on buddy, i just don't regard his musicality as one of his more redeeming qualities as a musician or a drummer.
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