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Default Re: Buddy Rich and sheet music...

Originally Posted by theduke86 View Post
He couldn't read at all. As an interesting side note, Philly Joe Jones used to read the charts with his band and Buddy would sit there and memorise the entire chart. He was only one of the drummers in the "warmup" position. I know there were a few more other than Philly but I'm at a loss for names, I'm not a BR fanatic (although I do like him).
Class A- as for the book, it's not actually written by Buddy. I bought a copy and it's collecting dust on a shelf on the other side of the continent. It's ghost written by another author, basically works you through some rudiments in the ways that Buddy used to utilise them.

not a BR fanatic either, but i'm assuming the book in question is the book written in conjucntion w/ henry adler (this is the only BR book i know of). according to henry adler, who got a reputation for being BR's instructor, buddy only came to him to learn to read. there was no technique discussed. adler stated this in an interview and i believe it was on the PASIC website. so, according to adler, he could read.

there is also a video out by ted something or other, who was an adler student, that works thru that book. basically adler's approach was the BR approach. i don't particularly agree w/ the approach that they take w/ the rudiments but the book in and of itself isn't bad.
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