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Default Re: Instructional Books

TITLE: Master Studies
AUTHOR: Joe Morello
PUBLISHER: Modern Drummer Publications
RATING: #####
COMMENTS: This is a tremendously well written book for the development of technique. I don't think this is a beginner's book. I would recommend Stick Control by George L. Stone before one dives into this instructional matierial. Seeing as the author (also known as the drummer from Dave Brubeck's quartet as well as many other artists) studied with Mr. Stone in the 30's and 40's, one can see a clear influence from Stick Control on the way this book is written. The book does not discuss actual hand technique, this is more about chops building. The matierial being presented already assumes you have proper grip technique. That may be a flaw for some people, but then again this is more of a book intended for an intermediate to professional level drummer. If you work through this book for a couple months for an hour a day, a new level in chops will definetly happen for you.
M. Andrew Dyrda
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