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Originally Posted by Zildjian232
for a couple years i studied travis a lot. i watched a lot of videos, all the drumsolos, i know how to play every blink song including the new album that just came out. i watched videos of him in the recording studio. I use to think he was best thing ever, but i expanded my thinking and realized that he wasnt as good as i thought,i started listening to tool and led zeppelin so i then i realized that he was nothing compared to those guys. but travis seems to be able to pull of something new every album. i think he did a really good job on the boxcar racer album. he was always ahead of the other drummers in the other pop punk band i think travis is overrated but underated at the same time. millions of people say that he is the best thing ever. and then theres the crowd that says o he overated hes not that good. but i think his playing is restricted by the people he plays with. like these punk musicians(not to bag on them or anything) hes restricted to simple time signatures and other things like that. im sure if he played with someone like from a more technical band like from tool for example. im not saying hes going to be the most amazing but you have give him some more credit
Why are you always talking about how good Danny and John are I mean sure there great drummers but you can't always compare Different styles of drumming Travis is way different then Danny carey like Blink-182 or Transplants is different from tool. Everytime you post you talk about how good these drummers are. All drummers are different they play what there good at now Travis deosn't only play pop stuff but he plays jazz but I would say he fits in the pop/punk catagory and that's what he plays and I don't think he would really change from that but the Drumming for Boxcar Racer really impressed me and had some Jazz drumming on some of the tracks.
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