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It doesn't really sound as though his snares are on when they're not. If you listen to the recordings there's a distinct difference. The bit that really comes to mind where it's obvious is in "The Grudge" where it's first building up to go into that rock style riff that ends with Maynard singing "...and we're sinking deeper" or something along those lines, can't remember the exact lyric. I like the way he uses the snare as a dynamic in that sense, it sounds much softer and less aggressive then bam! it's there. Tool have an amazing way of building their songs from swirling, atmospheric riffs to rocky, hard guitar based music. Brilliance! I still think they're one of the best live bands, I can understand for someone who's been with them from Aenima they may be disappointing now but I picked them up from Lateralus and I love that style.
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