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Originally Posted by mikei View Post
Has anyone purchased the new Rush Replay X3 DVD?

Three concerts from long ago.

Neil is a great, great drummer. Being a somewhat new drummer, I didn't really pay attention to him in the past.

I really believe that back in the 80s and early 90s he played fantastic. Noticably better than now. He also showed more emotion behind the kit back then.

Portnoy is the new Peart. However, I believe that he lacks some of the technical skills that Peart has. Peart is neater and cleaner. However, I feel Portnoy has a bit more feel or groove. And I am not bashing Portnoy. I really enjoy his playing as well.

Either way, I highly recommend the new DVD set. Great stuff.
I have it. Its not bad for what it is. I had R30 and I have Rush in Rio. Rush in Rio is my favorite of all of them. You have to keep in find that Rush in Rio was I think in 2003 when Neil was 51 years old, compared to the early stuff being in his mid to late twenties. He started in Rush in 1975 at 23 years old. My guess is that after 30 years its hard to stay at the same physical level decade, after decade after decade.
Portnoy is not "New" though. He is great at what he does. He has odd times mastered. And when he plays he seems to do everything so effortlessly.

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