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Originally Posted by nursingdrummer
I remember reading an old modern drummer issue years back when someone "gripped" at the notion of Dave Grohl being on the cover....Dave is actually a very competent drummer and over all musician...he has the ability to lay down some seriously heavy beats and never once does he step over his boundries in a song writing context...for all the "ney-sayers" out there just listen to "Everlong" or some of the QOTSA stuff or any Nirvana stuff...the guy can sing, play guitar, and is asked to play drums for just about everyone out there.... including Tom Petty......hats off to ya Dave!
Everlong is my favourite Foo Fighters song. I have to say Dave has inspired many drummers. Bands wants him because he is such a good drummer bands that had him say that he's the best drummer they've ever played with and I think It's okay to say Dave Grohl is probably one of the best rock drummers out there. When it comes to Rock Dave is the man! :)
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