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Originally Posted by nickg View Post
not to mention that Jeff Porcaro stated that his "Rosanna" beat was a combo of the "Purdie Shuffle" and Bonham's "Fool in the Rain".

and with the Ludwig double bass kit...Bonham's endorsement deal with Ludwig came from a recommendation from Carmine Appice as Zep toured with Vanilla Fudge on one of their first US tours, if not THE first tour.
Wow - didn't know that about the Porcaro - thanks - I'm going to pull those out right now and listen. Been off the site for a while and just now catching up on the posts.

That Purdie Shuffle is so slick. I'm trying to break into that right now myself, just building from the ground up by filling the gaps various ways using the snare and bass and studying Home at Last and other tunes. I think it's going OK, but not it's not trivial at all. Even on the videos he has has on this site, it's not easy to break down because he's so fluid with it, changing it up and such (maybe I should post this under Purdie's thread?)
I really don't know what time it was. So I asked them if I could stay a while.
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