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Well Finally got to see the Zappa plays Zappa show on Sunday in Boca Raton. Great 31/2 hour show, hearing some great music that is being kept alive and well by the family trust.

Terry seemed to be having a bad night. His monster kit was set up to the side corner of the satge. He had some type of pedal problem and was crawling around on the floor trying to fix it for sevreal minutes, before the drum tech came out and tried to help. The set was not mic very well, the sound was very weak compared to the bands mix. Many of his isntruments could'nt be heard while he was striking them. It got a little better wehn he did his drum solo and wasnt being overpowered by the rest of the bands mix, but even that the bottom ened was very weak.

Would have liked to hear more of him and Steve Vie, but in all was please with the concert.
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