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I've got most of Jordan's old stuff. I saw him play when he first came out. Stanley was the guitar wizard with the touch technique that wowed everybody when he came on the scene. His fame and familiarity faded for whatever reason. Some of it personal I believe.

I'm not aware of anything SJ plays 4 string bass on. He does play bass lines on his guitar and could give any Stick player a run for their money. However, I wouldn't say he's a bass player. He could probably teach Tony Levin a few things though...
Yea murph. That's what I thought, but Rossy_j seems to think so. And I wouldn't consider him a basser either, but when he burst on the scene back in the 80's, he floored me with his guitar technique. So innovative and original. And it was beautiful to see him play. And really awesome to hear.

Yes, that was strange the way he just fell out of the scene as quick as he came in. I wonder what he's doing nowadays? Maybe find him on the web, huh? Anyway, thanks for your input! It's always informative...Play On! ;-)
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