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Default Re: How do you get on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by tamadrummer132 View Post
but drums isnt for fame as money, as some drummers make it. drums is for fun and enjoyment, and to make money.
although it would be nice to make some money along the way, my reason for playing drums isnt to get rich or to get on drummerworld.
My man, you got it. I totally agree!! I mean, why does for example Derrick pope make vids of him teaching and playing, why does he produce a DVD...I`m sure he didn`t do this when he joined to get onto Drummerworld. He does it because it`s about ENJOY a thing you love and about this incredible pleasing feeling you get when doing this.

...okay, I also wanna respect the other side: Every drummer is interessted to become a watchlist drummer or a Drummerworld drummer, me too. I`ve also asked already in a thread if this would be a cool aim...but HOWEVER, when the time comes, the time comes! I think becoming a "Watchlist Drummer" would be a huge response for my work, of course, but it would be much much greater if I don`t get such a response for work and hard times, more for PATIENCE. What I mean is: You can ask Bernhard for this response, but would it be still so special? You would more rather force him...

let it come...


Drummerworld Myspace.
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