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Thank you Bernhard. Enough is enough. It was pretty funny though...

Now back to Lang.

So, extreme independence is what we are talking about with Mr. Lang. I'd like to see him learn how to play the piano. The most extreme independence possible would be the following:

1. Legs of Mr. Lang.
2. Play a midi-enabled keyboard with hands. Each key is a different sampled drum/cymbal. Learn complete independence across the fingers.
3. Put it all together

Advanced piano playing has some extreme independence across fingers/hands that make what we do on drums seem trivial. So, if you can put all of this together I think you'd take it to the max.

This independence is what a organist does already with both hands and feet. But, doing it with sampled drums sounds would be very cool. You could probably convert a concert organ to use sampled drums sounds on both the pedals and keys. Now that would be cool.
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