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hi im new here...reali happy 2 know lots of drummer here...

real name? samuel ho yu xing
age? 19
how long been playing? 9years
origin of user name? drummerboykjj...n im a very blur guy
top 5 drummers? Buddy Rich,John Bonham,Vinnie Colaiuta,Virgil Donati,Steve Gadd
make of drumkit? dont have a drumkit :(...but i have a LP matador series bongo n some percussion
make of cymbal? dont have any cymbals too :(
where do you practice? anywhere(most of the time in the toilet)...there is a time when i was walkin 2 my friends i was practicin some beat while walkin...n there is a guy walk pass me then he turn back n ask me weather im a drummer...bcoz he saw me swingin my hand on the air...just like playin a invisible drumset...later i get 2 know tat...he is our country(malaysia) legendary drummer...wat a shock 2 me!
are you in a band/s? Primary Circle,Other Way
covers or originals? both
what style of music? jazz,latin,blues,rock,fusion,alternative
favourite take out food? anything nice...(asian food)
country? Malaysia
one really odd fact about yourself?im a super duper blur hit me with your drumstick
how did you start drumming?
when i was 10,1 of my church members he is findin a new drummer 2 play in the he ask me weather i would love 2 learn some basic stuff bout drums...slowly i fall in love on drums...then i pick up listenin n watchin how other people play..