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Default Re: Bobby Jarzombek here!

Hi Bobby,
I caught your show at the Big Easy w/ Sebastian Bach. I didn't recognize you (from other pics) with all the facial hair. I probably saw you in the bar before the show without knowing it was you.
I saw there was no logo on the front of your kick, (plain black) and didn't know if it was still Pearl. I could not get close enough to determine that. I loved the sound of your paistes, and of course the effortless solo you played.
Sebastian is quite a character. I do have to comment that his vocals were mixed *very* hot and I moved around to try to see if it was just where I was standing. Nope...I did get a headache from it.
Anyway, great chops, and you powered the show along! I was afraid Sebastian was going to clip you in the head with that whirling mic...
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