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I saw Chad live yesterday with the chillies and boy was that AWESOME!
Chad is really one of my favourite musicians of all time. Not only has he got an amazing groove and feel, but he is also, which funny enough is highly under rated by many musicians theese days, an INCREDIBLE showman! You really get a feeling that he
loves what he is doing. He sits behind his kit with a big smile and makes all theese kind of amazing stick throws, and he catches the sticks everytime! He also played a nice GROOVE BASED drum solo where he at the same time conducted the audiences cheering. However, my fellow drummers, yesterday something very strange happened, but before I tell you what happened I have to tell you that I have thought about spending next year studying drums with one of the BIG GUYS. I have thought about many teachers such as Hakim, Erskine, Zoro, Igoe and... Chad Smith but I really cant decide. Back to the story now. I was standing among the crowd in the front, but not the front row. However, suddently out of no where one of RHCP's crew members appear in front of me and gives me one of Chads sticks, an original Vater Chad Smith funkblaster! Usually I am not supersticious but I "take this as a sign" that I shall study with Chad next year :-)

Anyway go see the Chilli Peppers, especially to you Finn, since you "adviced" me to see Questlove with the Roots :-)
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