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RE: Multiple pedal setups

One of the main points that Thomas makes in this video is that he feels that Buddy and Co. have essentially said it all already when it comes to hands. In his opinion, the cutting edge of drumming techniques are happening with the feet. Accented double stroke rolls on kick drums, multi-pedal orchestration etc.

So, naturally, he is going to break out all of his gear and show us some really cutting-edge techniques. It is a DRUM video, after all. The point is not how many pedals you have, The point is to develop your feet to the same level as your hands and to be able to coordinate the whole mess.

The concept of accented doubles and odd stroke rolls in 4/4 alone are worth the price of the video. I have my work for the next year cut out for me.

If Thomas flowed as smoothly as Dom Famualro he'd be untouchable. I have to say that he uses a pretty muscle-oriented technique and he must be absorbing alot of stick shock that way. It bothers me to see his huge forearms tensing up to play a single stroke roll. I wonder what his "Purdie" shuffle sounds like?
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