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Originally Posted by C_H View Post
i heard his playing is quite mathematical, sometimes his rhythms are based o nthe fibionacci sequence like his kit being arranged to make some strange symbol
They're a bit into that, but from what I've seen of their music it seems to just be a clever trick thing - you know, pick a bunch of numbers and then try to phrase around it musically. I don't think there's any actual musical value in using things that far out into the mathematical realm, any musicality that is there is something independent of that.

It's cute, but I don't think it's anything other than being a smart-arse. Mudvayne have demonstrated quite nicely that using "arcane number systems" (blah) doesn't make your music any less awful if you're not already good.

(you may be thinking of Maynard's vocal phrasing on the verse in Lateralus, BTW - the syllables are grouped together as 1 (black) 1 (and) 2 (white are) 3 (all I see) 5 (in my infancy) 8 (red and yellow then came to be) 5 (reaching out to me) 3 (helps me see) or something like that, which is a run up and down the first chunk of the fibonacci sequence: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8)
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