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anyone ever hear that song "divorced" that tool did with the melvins? it's like half of each band put together into one whole. a badass song, but an incredibly badass drum battle between dale crover and danny carey. i'd really suggest tracking that one down over any mp3 example of danny's playing (hell, two birds with one stone cuz of dale crover!)...

another aspect about his drumming that often goes overlooked is the electronic sounds he incorporates into the music. like the breakdown in the middle of "h" is a pretty good example of his tastes and independance. even better, the layering of rhythms in the intro to eulogy. yep, that's all danny (some must be drum machines or somethin tho). "hooker with a penis" is just a blast, one of the more powerful examples of his playing. the cover of led zep's "no quarter" is a good one, as well as "third eye," from aenima. too many details to really explain, but if you're familiar with him you know what i'm talking about.

as for transcriptions, check out most aren't entirely accurate, i can fulfill any transcribing requests you want....
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