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Default Bonzo books?

Hi all, my little sis is 15 and has acheived grade 6 drums and LOVES Zeppelin. Recently in her GCSE Music lesson she got a lower grade than usual on a piece because the other kids that were playing in her group wanted to do a RHCP number that was very un-challenging for her to play and the teacher wanted to see her do something more technical and challenging. He said a Zep song would be awesome and he'd dish out some good marks if she did some of that. Trouble is, there is a distinct lack of good Bonham books around, and the few that I have found have contradicting reviews.

Can anyone reccomend a good Led Zeppelin drum score book? I heard about one by Bill Wheeler that got slated. A lot of people said he got a lot of things wrong and had to correct pretty much every song in it. I also found one of the same title but by a different author, Joe Bergamini, but I think some people reviewing these books got confused over the authors, as both books seem to have the same title.

Can anyone let me know which one is best (author) or if there is anything even better?

Any help / pointers in the right direction would be majorly appreciated, as this is the only thing stopping my sister getting an A* in her music GCSE test at the moment.

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