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Originally Posted by altered_beast View Post
I kind of agree but seeing Tool on stage now is nothing short of astonishing. I've never seen a stage show quite like it, absolutely amazing, they put on a proper "show" in the true sense of the word, there's so much going on you just don't know where to look. The tickets were expensive but in hindsight well worth it.
I just can't be bothered anymore. I saw them in 1997, 2001 & 2002 and just gradually watched them decend from being a fantastic band to just having a fantastic show. In 1997 they were nothing short of astonishing live - Maynard had phenomenal stage presence, and the whole band were tearing the roof off the place. Come 2001/2002 they were just a bunch of boring guys hiding behind a giant array of screens showing dodgy CG...
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