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Originally Posted by altered_beast View Post
I would agree with that for the last two albums, but Aenima and Undertow and definitely Opiate, the artwork isn't really upto much on those. It's good, and it's pretty different, but in comparison to, say Lateralus and 10,000 Days, it's not quite up to scratch IMO. 10,000 Days is unlike any other artwork in my collection. Fantastic, so unique.
Depending on when you bought your copy of Aenima you may have got the cool gimmicky animated CD case. They were cool...

But I have to say, as their music has got worse their album art has got increasingly ornate ;)

Salival is sort of worth getting, but only for the CD. And even then, there's only a couple of memorable tracks. No Quarter is cool, Third Eye live shows their precision and energy (but doesn't do anything to improve on the album version, really) and the live version of Pushit is something I'm still to be sold on. I think it's a great live track when you're in the middle of a few thousand sweaty people nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, but the album track serves the song better on CD, if you ask me.
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