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Default Re: Instructional Books

TITLE: Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method
AUTHOR: Sandy Feldstain, Dave Black
PUBLISHER: Alfred Publishing Company
RATING: (same as for DVDs): # # # #
COMMENTS: Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method is an innovative and practical approach to playing the drumset. All of the beats and fills presented can be used in a performance situation. The book is divided into two sections - rock and jazz.

In each section students learn the use of hi-hat, ride cymbal, snare drum and base drum technique. Included with this book is a recording demonstrating many of the beats and fills contained in the book. With the help of the recording, the studen tis able to hear each of the beats and fills played while following the music (which you learn how to read and write). The play-along recording also includes corresponding drum charts (two in a rock style, the other in a jazz style), allowing the drummer to have the experience of actually playing with a group.

In my opinion, this is a great book for beginners, as well as intermediate players who need to brush up on technique and tempo. My drum teacher and I literally memorized the entire book. It's worth every penny, and you even get a CD to play along to, as well as learn to read sheet music for the drumset.
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