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Default Re: Instructional Books

Title: Techniques in Interdependence Volume 1
Author: Bryan West
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
About the book: Techniques in Interdependence is about learning how your limbs work together and how they relate to time. Practicing and applying the exercises in this book will help you develop interdependence. More info. at

Comments: I'll let the pros speak!

" 'I love this book!' In this day and age when there are so many drum instructional books to choose from, Techniques in Interdependence Volume I is a book that you will actually use. Comprehensive and well conceived, its vast number of patterns and combinations will benefit all levels of students, instructors, and pros, as well as to help identify each player's strengths and weaknesses. And that's crucial, because every drummers style is a combination of both what a drummer can, and cannot play."

-Paul Wertico
(Paul Wertico Trio, Larry Coryell Trio, Pat Metheny Group, Roosevelt University, Northwestern University, Clinician)

"Bryan has created an interdependence version of the George Stone classic 'Stick Control'. Every permutation and combination are outlined in detail which leads the student in the right direction for a step by step understanding and execution of coordination between all limbs."

-Grant Collins
(Australian Drum Master, The Collins/Wardingham Project)
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