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Originally Posted by finnhiggins View Post
What an amazing drummer! But my god, is his technique weird! He looks like he should have a hammer in his hand, not a stick... I've no idea how he gets such a great sound out considering how much of his playing seems to come from the shoulder, let alone the elbow...
The thing is, he went to North Texas State, so he's definitely learned some classic hand technique, and I'm sure that if you sat him down on a pad he could show you some incredibly finished technique from gladstone or some other school. The thing it, his technique looks weird but he definitely gets an audible effect when he uses his arms and his shoulders, but whenever he does some singles or technical stuff that requires some technique, he looses all his "habits" and has some very effective use of wrists and fingers. He's a perfect example of someone whose learned the rules and the breaks them.
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