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Originally Posted by altered_beast View Post
I wouldn't go so far as to say best ever, but it was certainly a very very good show. I absolutely love the way Danny plays, it's amazing how inspirational that guy is, yet at the same time damning cos you know you'll never be better than him.

We missed most of Mastodon's set, only caught the last 4 or 5 songs, I really like Mastodon anyway, the latest album is absolutely fantastic, a true prog metal masterpiece.

As far as Merkaba goes, unless you download it, the only way you'll get it is on Salival, which is pretty expensive and fairly difficult to get hold of now. I got mine about a year ago, it's fantastic.


aye, salivial is expensive, but definately worth it, i discourage people from downloading tool music, as of the
way its presente, album art etc.

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