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Just saw AoA at the Metro in Chicago last night. Luzier is a freak man! He really blew me away, and the rest of the crowd it seems. There were parts where he basically dominated the show. Great drummer, showman, and he sounds like a great guy too.

I'm gonna have to pick up his DVD.

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His instructional DVD is VERY good. He gave me a copy himself!!! The producer/engineer for my band knows him very well, along with the rest of Army of Anyone. He's one of the nicest drummers I've ever met. When I first met him I had no idea who he was until he left and my producer told me, I was pretty disappointed I didn't take advantage of his presence at that time. Sure enough I saw him again and he remembered my name, which was pretty amazing, I thought. My producer's band is going on tour with Army of Anyone and we're hoping to get in on a couple local shows. Ray needs to be added to drummerworld for sure.

His wife is really hot too....whoops
The two opening acts were Escape From Earth and The Steepwater Band. Were one of these your producer's band?

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