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Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
Just got the new video and it's amazing!!!

Creative Control was more of a "show off" video. This new one breaks it all down and gives you organized systems to develop high level pedal techniques and coordination.

The "Matrix" is the most organized method of developing interdepndence that I have ever come across. If you've finished "The New Breed" then this could be a great next step.

The pedal stuff is state of the art, it opens up a whole new way of looking at the role of the feet in modern kit playing.

I've got some work to do!!!

PS: He also comes across pretty well in the video. He makes jokes, screws around, plays with his boys. Normal guy stuff as opposed to the introverted weirdness that one might come to expect from such a technical master.
I agree completely with your review Jeff. Creative control was a DVD that you watched at 2 in the morning when you just wanted to watch someone play mad drums until you got sleepy (kind of like the Drumbassadors DVD). I dont really know many people who actually used any kind of methods or systems he used from CC but it sure was one heck of a doozy chops-wise.

It seems to me that every complaint I had about the first DVD has been solved. This one has methods that normal non-superhuman beings can do without 7 hour practice days.

That does NOT mean however that this stuff is easy. I'm on the "3rd dimension" of his Matrix system and WOW is it rough. But what is interesting is that the coordination between my four limbs is growing exponentially. Especially the left foot which we all know we can use some work on (especially me!). I can now do all those 2:3 son clave patterns that have had me bashing my head against the wall for years.

Disc 1 seems to be a crash course in all the foot madness contained in Creative Control. But again, its more organized, its more step-by-step, and its much more accesible this time around. How many of you skipped around Creative Control looking for things that you could actually play and work on? I did that a lot, but there isnt much here that causes that kind of jumping around on the menus. With this DVD one actually gets the sense that they CAN do this stuff.
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