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Originally Posted by punky_funk View Post
I have recently bought "Advanced Funk Studies" by Rick Latham, the 25th anniversary DVD. It is very inspirational and It has a lot on rudimental application. I suggest getting the book for it too, to use as reference. It is for all skill levels.
Beginner to advanced.
It's a nicely done video, but falls short in that it is hard to learn from. What was left out is even though it says it includes the material from his two books, it doesn't include the text, so there you are watching him play pattern after pattern trying to figure out what he's doing. I would recommend just cut to the chase and buy his two books, which come with CDs and /or videos, and leave this one at the store. I had this pegged for my winter workout, now I'm back to square one. It's kind of like you buy the DVD, which tells you that you need to buy his book for it to be of use. Sure I can get something from this, but not the whole package.

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