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I was also fortunate enough to catch Dave weckl in Palatine IL. I would not consider it a clinic, although he did one heck of a solo in the middle of the set, it was more of concert of the whole band. They did more jazz standard than any thing, which was actually pretty incredible stuff. Dave has really grown as a jazz-fusionist. His has an unbelievable sennse of time and touch. The accenting on a variety of surfaces, weather it a drum, cymbal, or bell was unreal. His dbl strokes were just so smooth and fast. The second part of the show was more groove oriented, with a pretty awsome bass/drums solo.It's been probably ten yrs,if not longer since I've seen him,but i'm here to tell ya, the guys twice the drummer he was back then, and back THEN he was a God,now ..........there's not a word that can even desribe him.
Thanks tb. Very detailed review and well written. Sure makes me wanna see him ASAP!
If he's twice the drummer he was, OMG! You're right. There's no word that can describe him, now. Gotta find out when he'll be around here. Thanks again...Play On! ;-)
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