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Despite whether or not you are a fan of Dave Weckl I wanted to post a quick review of his concert and clinic that I attended over the weekend. The show was great I caught first set and part of the second set. The first set was great, I had a great seat at the front table off to the side where I had a great view of his left hand. I was amazed just watching that hand. His ghost notes were so sweet and his singles were excecuted beautifullyl. He is amazing to watch. At the second set I move to a table close to the door so I could split a little early and got to watch his right hand. That limb is just as amazing to watch as the left. He really was amazing to watch. They did a lot of the same music second set but that is because Dave admitted they had only been playing together as a group since August. They filled a lot of time just playing some old jazz standards which was pretty cool too. Great show...worth the $30.

The clinic was a lot of fun. I would not call him the greatest clinician but he was good. He talked a lot about grip and position of the drums. I liked the fact that he stressed you should not let the drums dictate where you place play the drums, don't let the drums play you. He would show excersises that only he can pull off but he did show the basics of what he was pulling off first. You know, I kind of knew I was really just going to see him play without his band which was great to see too. Not the best clinic I have attended but I did enjoy it. He was very cool afterwards and was willing to talk to everyone. I like Weckl....he is amazing to watch.
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