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Default How do you get on Drummerworld

First off, I am so glad the forums are back, this website is my life. Thanks a lot Bernhard.

I'm not a professional drummer, but drums are my life. I am 17, going to be a senior in high school. I play in a rock band, a jazz trio, my highschool jazz band, and anything else I can find. I also give drum lessons to a few kids for some easy money. I am doing the Berklee 5-week Summer program, starting next week, and I plan on going to Berklee College of Music. I would say that I am just as good as many of the drummers on this website (better than some, worse than others). What exactly does it take to get on this website? I want to be a professional drummer, and I want to have my own page on drummerworld, so I was just wondering exactly what it takes to do that.

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