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Originally Posted by Jaymasta
ok John and Danny are different then what Tre plays and Green Day is not really speed. I don't listen to a band for the drumming (I only listen to the drums on some songs so I can play along or learn new stuff) I listen to a band for the music. It really deosn't matter if your drumming isn't difficult in a Pop/Punk song what matters is that Tre's playing fits the music. Tre Is getting better I listened to Kerplunk (which I liked the most) all the way to American Idiot and I have to say Tre has gotten so much better he's an amazing drummer. Your sister taking drum lessons for 2 months would be no where close to what Tre plays so yeah.....
Also, there was a noticeable difference between him and John/Al, the previous drummer featured on tracks 13-16 of Kerplunk. That was a total change in drummers, and a subsequent change, however minor, in sound and outcome.
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