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Originally Posted by Zildjian232

i hope your being sarcastic and trying to bring humor into the thread. i could have my sister take drumlessons for 2 months and go on tour with them. Zeppelin is a good example of intensity. john bonham is an amazing drummer and zeppelins legend will live on. Danny carey from tool. i get fustrated trying ot play some of those songs. green day... no way. anybody can play fast. its how you play and sometimes its what you dont do that makes you brilliant
ok John and Danny are different then what Tre plays and Green Day is not really speed. I don't listen to a band for the drumming (I only listen to the drums on some songs so I can play along or learn new stuff) I listen to a band for the music. It really deosn't matter if your drumming isn't difficult in a Pop/Punk song what matters is that Tre's playing fits the music. Tre Is getting better I listened to Kerplunk (which I liked the most) all the way to American Idiot and I have to say Tre has gotten so much better he's an amazing drummer. Your sister taking drum lessons for 2 months would be no where close to what Tre plays so yeah.....
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