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i just recently got into tool a couple months ago and im completley blown away. before that i was into dream theater and i thought there were one of the most amazing thing ever(still do), but tool just takes you out somewhere far away. Danny careyy would have to be in the the top 5 rock drummers ever. right up there with peart, bonham, and moon. hes so techincal and powerfull. his drumsound that he achieved is right up there next to bonhams. His drumming sort of tells a story. he plays in a way that he will backdown and then just come in so fluently and effortles. he makes everything seem so easy in a wierd kind of way. when you listen to it you know its awsome but you cant really respect it until you try to play it.. i figure him as the john bonham of today. hes just a really powerfull player. he seems to put everything in the right place. not to flashy not to simple
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