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Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
Here's what i don't get. How did he find the time necessary to practice as much as he did? I can barely score an hour or two these days..
Anyone can make the time if they try hard enough. He's an incredibly motivated guy, knew exactly what he wanted and put in the hours to get there. I knew a guy who used to live with him back when he was just another london drummer - it's simple, he did exactly what he said he did, practiced for hours and hours every day working through every possible combination and speed of everything.

To be honest, I'm not half as amazed by how he put the time into his playing as the fact he found time to get to know and marry a girl as well! Imagine if whenever you were at home you were practicing - there's plenty of hours in the day if you're prepared to find them and use them like that. I'm not though - I like to do other stuff as well so I balance my time to fit in other things I like instead.

Nowadays, I imagine doing 200+ clinics per year is enough to keep him progressing even if he didn't touch a kit outside of that!
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