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I'm a big time Bruford fan from Yes to present. I wish he would play in the US more. I haven't seen him in years and haven't seen any of the Earthworks stuff. I think he said the reason they don't come here much is that it's too difficult to get in/out of the US for him & his non-US citizen musicians?...:-(

I agree about a DVD. Someone needs to put something together. Bill is not going to do it. He's said in the past that he doesn't think he has anything new to add to the already large mass of instructional DVDs out there...I disagree with this of course. The only thing I have in terms of clinic/lessons from him is the old VHS copy of "Bruford and the Beat"

BTW, In case you didn't know about his site:

P.S. I'm still thinking of making a log drum. Still need to get around to it...Good winter project.
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